Camden House: The Complete Sherlock Holmes

Call For Scholars

I'm looking for essays and short articles on the subject of Sherlock Holmes for a new wing here at Camden House. If I am unable to put something together that I feel is worthwhile, I will put aside the idea of doing it, but until that time my goal is to move ahead with it. You don't have to be a published or well-known writer. My interest is in content and subject matter, not big name appeal. Bear in mind that I will review what you have submitted and decide yea or nay on including it, so there is no guarantee that all submissions will be accepted, only that everyone has an equal chance to submit quality work.

This is not a call for fanfiction.

For instance, an article about fans of Sherlock Holmes and the effect it has on their life or their interest and study would be a proper topic, while a story about Sherlock Holmes would not be.

Any Sherlock Holmes related topic has the potential to get in, including (but not limited to) the art of the period, clothing of the period, customs, the monarchy, the lower classes, his methods, chemistry of the time, anything that ties in to Holmes, and it must tie in in your essay or article at some point.

Just click on 'Exit' when you close this window and drop me a note in the guestbook if you're interested. You may also reach me via the Camden House Telegraph Office, any time of the day or night.

R. Wilcox

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