Pinacotheca Holmesiana Pinacotheca Holmesiana
Pinacotheca Holmesiana

Sydney Paget
Frederic D. Steele
R. Gutschmidt
Josef Friedrich
Frank Wiles
W. H. Hyde
Other Artists
F. H. Townsend
A. Twidle
G. Halliday
J. Simpson
H. M. Brock
A. Ball
W. Paget
A. Gilbert
H. K. Elcock
Modern Artists

Camden House: Main Entrance


Frederic Henry Townsend
8 illustrations to The Sign of Four from the Souvenir edition, 1903
Arthur Twidle
16 illustrations from the Strand Magazine, 1908: Wisteria Lodge and The Bruce-Partington Plans
Gilbert Halliday (or Holiday?)
7 Illustrations from the Strand Magazine, 1910: The Devil’s Foot plus one from the U.S. edition of the Strand, February 1911
Joseph Simpson and H. M. Brock
6 illustrations from the Strand Magazine, 1911, for The Red Circle
Alec Ball
5 illustration from the Strand Magazine, 1911, for The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax
Walter Paget
the younger brother of the most famous Sidney
4 illustrations from the Strand Magazine, 1913, for The Dying Detective
Alfred Gilbert
3 illustrations from the Strand Magazine, 1917, for His Last Bow, 3 illustrations for The Mazarin Stone, 1921 and  7 for The Problem of the Thor Bridge, 1922
Howard K. Elcock
From the Strand Magazine – 1923: 5 illustrations for The Creeping Man; 1924: 4 illustrations for The Sussex Vampire; 1925: 5 illustrations for The Three Garridebs and 8 illustrations for The Illustrious Client; 1926: 4 illustrations for The Three Gables, 5 for The Blanched Soldier and 3 for The Lion’s Mane
David Soucek, 1998